Project Mercury

Project Mercury is a unique collaboration between the Centre of Design Informatics and Tesco Bank designed to explore Fintech, develop talent and foster innovation and creative thinking.

Over the past year, through Project Mercury, Tesco Bank designers, software engineers, data scientists and programmers have worked in partnership with both students and lecturers from the University of Edinburgh’s Design Informatics School.

The partnership has facilitated a lecture series to explore topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and data ethics; exploring both current and future applications of these technologies and the impacts that these could have on society.

Alongside the lecture series, project participants had the opportunity to put their learnings into practice, through the research and development of three projects. The outputs of this were Deedit, Lens and Tess which were all displayed as part of the Edinburgh International Arts Festival at the specifically built Design Informatics Pavilion, Data Pipe Dreams: Glimpse of a Near Future, on Edinburgh’s George Street.